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Working Group 4

Group Leaders: Anne Baker & Kristine Jensen de Lopez

Executive functions such as attention, inhibition, and control provide a promising direction for disentangling bilingualism and SLI. It is often assumed that executive functions are deficient in language-impaired children. Since tests for executive functioning are not necessarily language-dependent, they may provide a way of identifying indices of SLI without addressing language itself. WG4 will investigate which of these tasks are most appropriate for bilingual children with SLI and what are the best ways to adapt the tasks to the bilingual contexts.

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Below are the presentations of the different meetings. To access the presentations themselves- contact the authors.

Amsterdam Meeting files

Mariette Huizinga:
Profiling executive functions in normal and disordered groups

Peri Iluz-Cohen:
Language proficiency, language control and executive control in bilingual children

Bence Kas:
Executive functions in Hungarian children with SLI

Aude Laloi:
Studying executive function and language behaviour in bilingual TD and SLI children learning French


MC Meeting & General Discussion

Newcastle Meeting files

Anne Baker & Kristine Jensen-de López:
Measuring EF in (BI)SLI populations: Tasks and issues

Marta Białecka-Pikul:
The development of executive function in preschool children: General tendencies and individual trajectories

Kathryn Kohnert:
Cognition, bilingualism, and primary language impairment (PLI)

Johanne Paradis:
Individual differences in child L2 acquisition, with and without SLI

Cyprus Meeting files

Anne Baker & Kristine de López:
Executive functions: Summary

Vicky Chondrogianni:
Executive functions in successive Polish–English bilingual children

Peri Iluz-Cohen:
Tasks testing executive control: Bilingual and monolingual children with TLD and SLI

Kristine Jensen-de López:
Suggestions for EF measurements with focus on WM as a tool for distinguishing BiSLI children - CLPT & non-linguistic tasks

Elin Thordardottir:
A bilingual advantage in auditory processing?

Zofia Wodniecka & Marta Białecka-Pikul:
EF tasks possible to use

Rasha Zebib:
Mr. Peanut

Turkey Meeting files

Anna Marzecová & Zofia Wodniecka:
Workshop: Testing the efficiency of executive attention with the child Attention Network Test (ANT)

Racha Zebib & Maureen Scheidnes:
Forward and backward digit spans: Comparing Mo-SLI and L2-TD children

Vicky Chondrogianni:
Inhibition in Polish–English successive bilingual children

L. Henry & D. Messer:
EF tasks used with children with SLI vs. TD age-matched children


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)

Malta Meeting files

Kristine Jensen de López & Anne Baker:
WG4 Task selection and final recommendations

Line Engel Clasen, Kristine Jensen de López & Hanne Bruun Søndergaard Knudsen:
Memory Span and Narrative Skills – Where's the Connection?

Kristine Jensen de López & Lone Sundahl Olsen:
Narrative and Working Memory Abilities in Danish Children with SLI

Kristine Jensen de López & Hanne Knudsen:
Introduction to BRIEF

Lucy Henry, David Messer & Gilly Nash:
Executive Functioning in Children with Specific Language Impairment

Peri Iluz-Cohen:
Tasks Testing Executive Control: Bilingual and Monolingual Children with TLD and with SLI

Ágnes Lukács & Ferenc Kemény:
Neuropsychological testing of executive and other nonlinguistic functions in Hungarian-speaking preschool children with and without language impairment: results from CANTAB

Rasha Zebib, Laurie Tuller & Philippe Prévost:
Luria’s hand game: Results of a pilot study with 12 Mo-TD & 2 Bi-TD

Berlin Meeting files

Anne Baker & Kristine Jensen de López:
Outcomes of the meeting (summary)

Padova Meeting files

Anne Baker & Kristine Jensen de López:
Outcomes of the Padua Meeting (summary)

Peri Iluz-Cohen:
Language proficiency and executive control among bilingual and monolingual children with TLD and with SLI

Ágnes Lukács, Ferenc Kemén,. Kata Fazekas & Enikő Ladányi:
Online tasks for testing verbal and nonverbal inhibition and working memory abilities: Results from Hungarian monolingual children with SLI

Rasha Zebib:
Luria’s hand game: Results of a pilot study with Mo‐TD, Mo‐LI, Bi‐TD & Bi‐LI

Lisbon Meeting files

Maria Kambanaros:
Lexical Retrieval And Cognitive Control In Multilinguals: Same Or Different From Bilectals?

Marko Živanović, Jasmina Vuksanović & Jovana Bjekić:
Differences in Executive Functions between Serbian TD Monolingual, SLI Monolingual and Serbian-Hungarian TD Bilingual Children

Ferenc Kemény, Ágnes Lukács, Kata Fazekas & Enikő Ladányi:
The Effects of Individual Differences in EF on Language Abilities in SLI

Iris Duinmeijer:
Measuring Inhibition and Visuo-Spatial Working Memory in Dutch Children with and without SLI

Krakow Meeting files

Anne Baker, Kristine Jensen de López, Peri Iluz-Cohen & Agnes Lukàcs:
WG 4: The Role of Executive Functions in Multilingualism and Language Impairment

Lucy A. Henry:

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