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Welcome to the LITMUS Crosslinguistic Lexical Task (CLT)

The Crosslinguistic Lexical Tasks (CLT) assess comprehension and production of nouns and verbs. Accuracy measured in these tasks may indicate the level of vocabulary size while reaction time measurement (comprehension and naming speed) can tap into the processing demands in both types of knowledge (passive and active) in two word classes (nouns vs verbs). Picture choice and picture naming were chosen as tasks least involving other types of linguistic knowledge except for accessing the meaning of separate words or relating referents to labels.

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This task was created initially as part of the COST Action IS0804 'Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment' funded by the EU RTD Framework Programme.

After the end of the funding period, the task was further developed and adapted for more languages.

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