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Working Group 3

Group Leaders: Shula Chiat & Ewa Haman

There are 'rapid screening tools' for phonological processing as well as lexical processing. WG3 will estimate their potential for identifying SLI in bilinguals. Properties will be evaluated of non-word repetition and naming tasks in order to decide whether they are relevant for identifying SLI in bilingual populations with various language pairs. WG3 will also review bilingual lexical data in order to develop new bilingual measures of dominance and diversity.

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Below are the presentations of the different meetings. To access the presentations themselves- contact the authors. 

Amsterdam Meeting files

Sharon Armon-Lotem & Shula Chiat:
A Russian–Hebrew NWR task tested with bilinguals with TDL and SLI: Rationale and findings

Maria Kambanaros:
Toddler's phonological acquisition: Normative data from Standard Greek (SG), Cypriot Greek (CG) and bilingual Albanian (L1)–Greek (L2)

Sandrine Ferré:
Studying French complex clusters in spontaneous language in atypical development: SLI and a L2 case

Helen Grech & Barbara Dodd:
Phonological language acquisition in Malta: A bilingual language learning context

Ewa Haman:
Measuring receptive vocabulary in TLD: Picture test for Polish

Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes K. Grohmann & Elena Theodorou:
Patterns of object and action naming in Cypriot Greek children with SLI/WFDs

Eva-Kristina Salameh:
Assessing phonologies in bilingual Swedish–Arabic children with language impairment

Eva-Kristina Salameh:
Learning in two languages: Consequences for lexical development in Swedish and Arabic

Handan Kopkalli Yavuz:
Phonological processes in the formation of Turkish words


WG3 - Discussion on lexical issues & general discussion

Newcastle Meeting files

Ewa Haman:
Concepts and methods for disentangling bilingualism & SLI in lexicon

Maria Kambanaros:
How does word retrieval in bilingual SLI compare to word retrieval in monolingual SLI: Evidence from object and action naming

Svetlana Kapalková & Daniela Slančová:
How to get information about bilingual children: Slovak on-line CDI data

Theo Marinis:
Non-word repetition in typically developing Turkish–English children: Same or different from monolingual children with SLI?

Ciara O'Toole:
Using parent report to assess bilingual language acquisition

Penny Roy & Shula Chiat:
Preschool repetition test: Word and non-word repetition

Cyprus Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
Creation of a cross-linguistic nonword repetition resource?

Daniela Gatt:
Establishing a threshold for SLI risk in early bilingual lexical development

Ewa Haman:
Vocabulary size and lexical processing: Potential tasks

Ewa Haman:
Vocabulary size and lexical processing: Summary

Turkey Meeting files

Sharon Armon-Lotem & Amani Jaber:
NWR tasks in Hebrew and Arabic: Principles and design

Shula Chiat:
Principles for constructing COST non-word repetition tests: Choices and decisions

Daniela Gatt:
Lexical Issues: Bi-SLI CDI study

Daniela Gatt & Ewa Haman:
CDI study: Designing the lexical tasks

Ewa Haman, Jakub Szewczyk, Magdalena Łuniewska & Barbara Pomiechowska:
Vocabulary size & lexical processing: Designing the new tasks

Christophe dos Santos & Angela Grimm:
Some issues on non-word repetition and phonological complexity

Jakub Szewczyk, Marta Magiera & Zofia Wodniecka:
Phonological processing


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)

Malta Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
WG3 Nonword Repetition Subgroup Report

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and preliminary results

Ewa Haman:
Lexical tasks construction: Best Words characteristics in 10 languages

Jakub Szewczyk:
WG3 phonological processing Polish (and English) NWR task – preliminary pilot test results

Jakub Szewczyk:
WG3 phonological processing Polish NWR task – the methodology

Alexandr Kornev:
Nonword-repetition in Russian children

Guillemette Henry, Edith Kouba-Hreich & Camille Messarra:
Presentation of Lexicon Tasks for Lebanese Pilot Study

Christophe dos Santos, Sandrine Ferré & Angela Grimm:
Complexity Matters: The French / German NRT

Seyhun Topbaş & Handan Kopkalli-Yavuz:
Non-Word Repetition Test in Turkish (Assessing TD and SLI children)

Kamila Polišenská & Svetlana Kapalková:
Slovak Test


WG3 Lexical issues: CDI Study Lexical Tasks

CDI – Malta Meeting Outcomes

Berlin Meeting files

Ciara O’Toole & Tina Hickey, Daniela Gatt, Aneta Miekisz & Ewa Haman, and Christophe Dos Santos:
Early vocabulary development in bilingual children: A CDI study

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and results (presentation)

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Test development and results (summary)

Jakub Szewczyk:
Subject- and item-related factors explaining performance in the Polish NWR test

Padova Meeting files

Shula Chiat:
Nonword repetition: Presentations and plans (Summary)

Jovana Bjekić & Jasmina Vuksanović:
Application of two quasi-universal nonword repetition tasks in Serbian SLI and TD children: A pilot study

Sandrine Ferré & Christophe dos Santos:
NWRT French & Lebanese children

Magdalena Łuniewska & Ewa Haman:
AoA of Bi-SLI „Best Words”:an update for 16 languages

Frenette Southwood:
Comparison of scores on the Afrikaans Bi-SLI WG3 lexical tasks with scores on the standardised Afrikaans Receptive Vocabulary Test: Preliminary data from 2-to 9-year-olds

Daniela Gatt, Ciara O’Toole, Christophe dos Santos, Sophie Kern, Tanja Rinker, Tina Hickey, Aneta Miekisz & Ewa Haman:
Early lexical expression in children exposed to two languages: A CDI study

Lisbon Meeting files

Ewa Haman:
WG3 Lexicon - Cross-Linguistic Lexical Tasks

Hanne Gram Simonsen, Pernille Hansen, Ewa Haman, Magdalena Łuniewska:
Assessing Vocabulary in Polish–Norwegian Children with CLT

Frenette Southwood:
South African English CLT

Jasmina Vuksanovic & Jovana Bjekic:
Current Issues and Perspectives in Application of Serbian CLT in TD Mono, TD Bi and SLI Children

Jasmina Vuksanović, Jovana Bjekic & Marko Zivanovic:
Application of Two Non-Word Repetition Tasks in TD Bilingual Serbian–Hungarian Children

Jasmina Vuksanović & Marko Zivanovic:
(In)Sensitivity of Serbian Version of CLT to SES

E. Krivickaitė & I. Dabašinskienė:
Lithuanian Non-Word Repetition Test: 25 TD Lithuanian Children

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
NWR and SR in Sequential Bilingual Russian–Hebrew Speaking Preschool Children with and without SLI

Krakow Meeting files

Shula Chiat, Sandrine Ferré, Christophe dos Santos, Angela Grimm:
Nonword Repetition Tests for Assessing Bilingual Children

Daniela Gatt and Ciara O’Toole:
Parent Report of Early Lexical Production in Bilingual Children across Varied Contexts: A CDI Study

Ewa Haman & Magdalena Łuniewska:
Cross-Linguistic Lexical Tasks (CLT) Assessing Word Knowledge and Lexical Processing in Bilingual Children

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