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Working Group 2

Group Leaders: Joel Walters & Natalia Gagarina

Telling a story, even supported by pictures, is difficult for children with SLI. WG2 will evaluate the ability of different tasks to elicit narratives and tap specifically bilingual properties. Examples of such tasks are: narratives in response to familiar and unfamiliar picture books, a bilingual retelling task, narratives without the benefit of picture stimuli, and an interactive task based on a controlled improvisation procedure. These tasks also allow for the assessment of language dominance and code-switching patterns.

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Below are the presentations of the different meetings. To access the presentations themselves- contact the authors.  

Amsterdam Meeting files

Five minute presentations by WG2 members and roundtable statements from WG2 members on Theoretical/Conceptual/Methodological approaches Research questions/hypotheses transcription/coding approaches (CLAN, SALT)


Kate Cain:
Narrative assessment: Comprehension and production

Chiara Levorato & Elena Florit:
Comprehension and production of Italian as second language in Romanian and Nigerian preschool children.

Ilknur Mavis:
Use of Frog Story narration in Turkish clinical groups with SALT analysis

Joel Walters, Peri Iluz-Cohen & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Codeswitching data from a bilingual retelling task in Hebrew–English children with TDL and SLI


WG2 - Discussion

Newcastle Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
Cross-linguistic typological differences in narrative studies

Joel Walters:
Modularity approaches in bilingual and BISLI narrative studies

Cyprus Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narratives: Types, sampling, methods — Measuring coherence in narrative discourse

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narratives and discourse

Sari Kunnari:
Summary of narratives: Methodology and earlier findings

Eleni Theodorou & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Administering the Bus Story Test to Cypriot Greek mono- and bilingual children with SLI

Turkey Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:

Daleen Klop, Monique Visse & Helena Oosthuizen:
Narratives in bilingual South African children

M. Chiara Levorato & Francesca Gini:
Story-telling task in L2 Italian

Ilknur Maviş:
Which determines SLI best in Turkish: Frog Story or Bus Story?

Natalia Meir & Joel Walters:
Narrative production (telling) in bilingual Russian–Hebrew speaking preschool children

Koula Tantele:
Story-retelling 'Hungry Cats'


WG2 - Final Report


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)

Malta Meeting files

Carmit Altman, Natalia Meir & Joel Walters:
Story retelling in Russian–Hebrew speaking children ages 5–6

Daleen Klop:
Narrative: Macrostructure

Koula Tantele & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Piloting the COST Narrative Scheme

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Telling and Retelling in TD Albanian monolingual 6-7 year old children


WG2 - Narratives and Discourse

Berlin Meeting files

Susie Joffe, Natalia Meir, Carmit Altman, Shira Farby, Nadya Kogan & Joel Walters:
Macrostructure, mental states and comprehension in English–Hebrew and Russian–Hebrew 5 year olds

M. Chiara Levorato, Maja Roch & Elena Florit:
Concurrent and predictive validity of telling and retelling tasks

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Method Effects in Narratives of 6-7 Year Old Monolingual Albanian-Speaking Children

Ilknur Maviş, Gagarina, Natalia, Müge Tunçer, Özlem Ünal, Duygu Yelegen, Didem Akyildiz & Deniz Akpinar:
Administering the tell & re-tell stories to TR–DE bilingual children living in Berlin-Germany and Mo–TR children in Eskişehir-Turkey

Elena Peristeri, Maria Andreou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Story telling and retelling in Greek monolingual and bilingual children with SLI: A pilot of the computerized method

Maja Roch, Andrea Junyent & M. Chiara Levorato:
The linguistics profile of monolingual and bilingual with and without LI

Koula Tantele & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Results and implications from the biSLI narrative tool: Monolingual and bilingual children in Cyprus

Ianthi Tsimpli, Enkeleida Kapia, Anila Kananaj & Maria Andreou:
Narrative insights from 6-7 year old Greek–Albanian children

Eva Valcheva, Elena Tribushinina & Natalia Gagarina:
Evaluating relational coherence in elicited narratives of bilingual Russian–German children: Methodological issues

Padova Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
WG2 report

Lisbon Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina:
Narratives and Discourse

Valerie Reichardt and Natalia Gagarina:
Evaluation of Comprehension Questions: Doubtful Cases

Valerie Reichardt, Olga Vorobyeva & Natalia Gagarina:
Piloting COST Embedded Mouse and Odd-One-Out Tasks with 9-Year-Old Russian–German Bilinguals

Antje Skerra, Valerie Reichardt, Katrin Reichenbach, Olga Vorobyeva & Natalia Gagarina:
Linking of Macro-/Microstructure (Study 1) and Scoring Macrostructure (Study 2)

Joel Walters:
Macrostructure, Microstructure, Mental States, Comprehension and Background Variables in English–Hebrew 5-Year-Olds

Krakow Meeting files

Natalia Gagarina & Joel Walters:
Narrative and Discourse

Daleen Klop:
Narratives – Clinical Implications

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