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Working Group 1

Group Leaders: Theo Marinis & Petra Schultz

The most established linguistic indicators of SLI are found in syntax (sentence formation) and morphology (inflection of words). They are already being studied widely in bilingual children with SLI. Therefore, they serve as a starting point for this Action. WG1 will aim to identify structures which are less sensitive to crosslinguistic differences, and are vulnerable in monolingual and bilingual children with SLI, but not in typically developing bilingual children. In doing so, WG1 attempts to isolate the characteristics of bilingualism and language impairment.

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Below are the presentations of the different meetings. To access the presentations themselves- contact the authors.

Amsterdam Meeting files

Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Syntactic and morpho-syntactic abilities of English–Hebrew and Russian–Hebrew bilingual children with SLI

Solveig Chilla & Monika Rothweiler:
Turkish–German successive bilingual children with SLI: A survey of the findings from the Hamburg project

Cornelia Hamann:
French SLI in young children (3-6)

Napoleon Katsos:
The acquisition of quantification: Insights from SLI and cross-linguistic research

Maria Mastropavlou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Grammatical skills in biSLI: Gender and clitics in Greek

Petra Schulz:
Semantic abilities in monolingual German SLI

Seyhun Topbas & Selcuk Guven:
TÖDİL Project: Assessment of specific language impairment in monolingual and bilingual preschool and elementary school children (2;0–9;0) speaking Turkish as their native language


WG1 - General Discussion

Newcastle Meeting files

Adriana Belletti:
On some findings from L2 and L1 acquisition (possibly) relevant for bi-SLI

Vicky Chondrogianni & Theo Marinis:
Production vs. on-line comprehension of articles and clitics in Turkish–Greek typically developing children: Same or different from monolingual Greek children with SLI?

Anna Gavarro:
Directions for a study of object clitic omission in SLI

Belma Haznedar:
L2 acquisition in typically developing children: Implications for SLI

Jan de Jong:
The vulnerability of morphological case in Turkish–Dutch children with SLI

Despina Papadopoulou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Prepositions and subordinators in Greek–Albanian bilingual & Greek SLI children

Petra Schulz & Angela Grimm:
Comprehension of exhaustive wh-questions in eL2 learners of German compared to monolingual German children with SLI

Laurie Tuller & Maureen Scheidnes:
Computational complexity effects in the acquisition of French by child L2 learners compared to children with SLI

Cyprus Meeting files

Vicky Chondrogianni & Theo Marinis:
Self-paced listening task

Carla Contemori:
Tasks available for Italian

Napoleon Katsos (presented by Kristine Jensen-de López):
The quantifier comprehension task

Carolyn Letts:
Age matters: Early sentence structure and the identification of language impairment

Theo Marinis:
Sentence repetition

Michaela Nerantzini, Despina Papadopoulou & Spyridoula Varlokosta:
Wh-questions & relative clauses

Esther Ruigendijk:
Pronouns, comprehension & production

Esther Ruigendijk:
Case (marking)

Petra Schulz:
Interpretation of exhaustive wh-questions

Turkey Meeting files

Ewa Haman, Magdalena Smoczyńska & Natalia Banasik:
Sentence repetition task: Development of the Polish version

Maria Kaltsa, Marianna Martzoukou, Michaela Nerantzini, Despina Papadopoulou & Ianthi Maria Tsimpli:
Clitics, relative clauses, wh-questions: Albanian–Greek bilingual children

Aude Laloi:
Processing of French object clitics by monolingual and bilingual SLI children

Aude Laloi:
Production of French object clitics in islands by MOSLI & BISLI children

Theo Marinis:
Sentence repetition

Duygu Özge in collaboration with Theo Marinis:
Comprehension of Turkish relative clauses in monolingual Turkish children with SLI versus typically developing Turkish monolingual and Turkish–English bilingual children

Philippe Prévost:
Production of object clitics by French bilinguals

Laurie Tuller, Rasha Zebib & Eleonore Morin:
Elicited production of relative clauses in French-speaking bilingual children: Preliminary results on COST A33 preference task

Jasmina Vuksanović, Irena Avramović Ilić, Ivana Avramović & Hajnelka Jakšić:
Comprehension of passive in monolingual Serbian TD, SLI and bilingual Serbian–Hungarian and Serbian–Romanian children

Jasmina Vuksanović, Irena Avramović Ilić, Ivana Avramović & Hajnelka Jakšić:
Comprehension of Wh-exhaustive questions of monolingual Serbian TD, SLI and bilingual Serbian–Hungarian and Serbian–Romanian children

Magdalena Wojtecka & Petra Schulz:
Exhaustive wh-questions in eL2 TD and SLI children


WG1 - Results

WG1 - Progress Report


ALL - Assessment Committee Diagnostic Practices Questionnaire

ALL - Bilingual Parents Questionnaire (BIPAQ)

Malta Meeting files

Frenette Southwood:
Comprehension of exhaustive Wh questions: MON-TD, BI-TD Afrikaans/isiXhosa-speaking children/adults

Eleni Peristeri, Maria Kaltsa & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Bilingual TD and SLI Children: Relatives and Interrogatives

Anna Gavarrò:
Clitic production and omission in SLI

Eleni Peristeri, Maria Kaltsa & Ianthi Tsimpli:
A comparison between Bilingual TD and SLI Children: Clitic production

Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Design and data of Eng–Heb and Rus–Heb SR tasks


Sub-Group: Exhaustive Wh-Questions

Sub-Group: Subject–Verb Agreement and Case

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – Syntax and Interfaces with Morphology & Semantics

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – Summary

Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition – English Sentence Repetition Task: Results

Berlin Meeting files

Elena Peristeri, Maria Andreou & Ianthi Tsimpli:
Clitics in Monolingual and Bilingual TD and SLI: The New Clitic Task

Philippe Prévost:
New Data on French Clitics: Mono-TDs, mono-SLI, bi-TDs, bi-SLIs

Jasmina Vuksanovic:
Object Clitics

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Clitic Acquisition in 4-5 year old in Albanian monolinguals


Sub-Group: Exhaustive Wh-Questions

Philippe Prévost:
Exhaustivity in French wh-Questions: Data from mo-TD, mo-SLI, bi-TD, and bi-SLI

Sub-Group: Subject–Verb Agreement and Case


Sub-Group: Sentence Repetition

Vicky Chondrogianni, Maria Andreou, Elena Peristeri, IanthiTsimpli, Spyridoula Varlokosta & Theo Marinis:
Piloting Sentence Repetition in Greek

Gisela Håkansson:
Sentence Repetition

Alexandr Kornev:
Sentence Repetition in Russian 6-7 Years TD Children

Enkeleida Kapia & Anila Kananaj:
Sentence Repetition Task in Albanian Monolingual and Bilingual Children

Padova Meeting files

Luuk van de Scheur and Jan de Jong:
Development of SASIT – NL

Esther Ruigendijk:
Contrastive elicitation task – Case for BI-SLI

Alice Fleckstein, Philippe Prévost, Laurie Tuller& Rasha Zebib:
Sentence repetition task in French: Error analysis (Mo-TD, Mo-SLI, Bi-TD, Bi-SLI)

Gordana Hrzica, Ivana Vdovic, Maja Balija & Jelena Kuvac Kraljevic :
Sentence repetition task and other measures of language development in Croatian SLI and typically language developing children

Sviatlana Karpava & Kleanthes K. Grohmann:
Object clitic placement preferences of Russian–Cypriot Greek bilinguals

Sviatlana Karpava, Kleanthes K. Grohmann & Maria Kambanaros:
Russian and Cypriot Greek sentence repetition tasks administered to bilinguals

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
SR in Russian-Hebrew TD and SLI children

Anila Kananaj & Enkeleida Kapia:
Clitic acquisition in 4-5 year old in Albanian monolinguals

Lisbon Meeting files

Jovana Bjekic, Vasiliki Chondrogianni & Jasmina Vuksanovic:
On-line Processing of Case and Word Order Alternations in Serbian

Guillemette Henry, Selma Saad, Laurice Tuller, Philippe Prévost, Rasha Zebib:
Typical versus Atypical Development of Lebanese Arabic in Bilingual Children: A Pilot Study of a Sentence Repetition Task

Bibi Janssen & Esther Ruigendijk:
Case in Russian–Dutch Bilingual Children

Esther Ruigendijk:
Contrastive Elicitation Task: Case for BI-SLI

Frenette Southwood:
Wh Exhaustivity in Afrikaans-Speaking Children: Preliminary Results from MoTD, BiTD and SLI Children

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
NWR and SR in Sequential Bilingual Russian–Hebrew Speaking Preschool Children with and without SLI

Krakow Meeting files

Theo Marinis & Petra Schulz:
Developing Tasks on the Interface between Syntax, Morphology, and Semantics to Assess Bilingual Children with SLI

Philippe Prévost:
Differences between Typically Developing Children and Children with SLI in a Bilingual Context

Petra Schulz:
Differences between Typically Developing Children and Children with SLI in a Bilingual Context: Exhaustivity

Theo Marinis:
Sentence Repetition: A Comprehensive Tool for Assessing both Languages of a Bilingual Child

Layal Abboud, Laurie Tuller, Guillemette Henry & Selma Saad:
Sentence Repetition as a Feasible Assessment Tool for Identifying Children with SLI in the Lebanese and French Bilingual Contexts

Natalia Meir & Sharon Armon-Lotem:
Sentence Repetition in Bilingual Russian–Hebrew-Speaking Children with and without SLI

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